Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Best Birthday and Christmas Gifts for Teenage Girls 2015

Are you searching for the best birthday gifts or Christmas presents for a teen girl? This year 2014,  a lot of items are hot for that occasion! You might think teen girls are difficult to shop for, but when you know what they like and there personality, then finding a birthday/christmas gift for them would be easy. The presents below might not be liked by every teen, every teen girl is different. 

Birthday/ Christmas Gifts in Electronics:
A quality laptop would be a great birthday or Christmas gift for a teen girl. Teenage girls love social media, Youtube, facebook, Tumblr, etc. They would love new laptop to not only surf the internet but to do their homework as well. I own the inspiron Dell laptop and it's a quality computer for a fair price. 

The beats are a hot popular gift for teen girls! What teenager does not enjoy music? If your a parent who gets annoyed by your daughter bumping loud music, then you can finally have some peace and keep her happy with this cool beats by dre. 

Teens love technology and an iPad makes it easy for them to stay connected. My teen sibling loves her iPad because she can take it anywhere she wants. It also comes in handy for writing notes in school and for recording and even taking selfies. 

Fire HD 6
This kindle fire HD might look a little childesh for a teenage girl but it is not. The cool thing about
kindles in that teens would be able to read e-books on amazon and do almost everything as in the Apple iPad.  Now she has no excuse of not reading. She can download games, apps, and connect with friends on social networks. This would be an awesome Christmas gift for any teen girl. 

One the reasons i love this camera and is perfect for teenage girls is that it captures an instant memory. It is great when your teenage girl is hanging out with her friends. She snaps a picture and has the picture in her hands in just a few seconds. The camera takes good quality photos to make those memories with friends unforgettable.  It would also be a great Christmas stocking for her. :-) 

JVC HAF160R Gumy Ear Bud Headphone Red
This would not be the best gift a teenage girl can get for her birthday or Christmas. But if she listens to music, which she probably does then earphones are always essential. You can never go run with an  extra pair of earphones. JVC gumy earphones are durable. Great for stocking. 

Satechi iFit-2 Portable Rechargeable Speaker Stand for Smartphones & Tablets: iPad Mini, 4, 3, iPhone 6, 5S, 5C, 5, Google Nexus 4, 7, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Note, S6 Edge, S6, S5, Galaxy 10.1 and more

A rechargeable speaker would be a good gift because she can charge her phone here as well as listen to music. Works on different types of phones as well as iPads and tablet. A very useful gift. 

For a video gamer teen girl. Every girl is different and if she's a gamer, how about the baddest console their is right out the market. This is a HOT playstation 4 console. It is time to upgrade and I'm sure she would agree with me! If she already has the PlayStation 4 console  you can perhaps choose to get her a Gamestop gift card

I know what you are thinking, why would i give a teenage girl a plasma tv? Well, let me tell you every teen girl has a different personality. I remember when I was fifteen years old, i received a television as a gift from a cousin. It was the best gift i got for my birthday. I was into video games during that time and also loved watching television from the comfort of my own room. A television set is a perfect gift for a teen girl who currently does not have a tv on her room or her current television is old or failing. 

If you really want to surprise your teen girl and she does not have an iPhone 6+ then it's time for an Upgrade.  She would love you for it! The iPhone 6 is one of many teens wishlist this year 2015. I got my iPhone from the store and let me tell you it was more expensive if I were to get it online. My niece got it from Verizon and saved more money than me when I bought it from AT&T. Bummer. I don't know if that had to do with the fact of buying it offline or location. But here are the links to both sites anyways. 

SHANY Carry All Trunk Professional Makeup Kit - Eyeshadow,Pedicure,manicure With Black Trim Clear Case

This amazing makeup set would be ideal for a makeup junkie. Reality is that most teenage girls love makeup and can never get enough. This makeup kit includes a lot of awesome stuff such as colorful eye-shadows, lipsticks & glosses,nail polishes, and more!

Naked palettes are one of the most popular among teenage girls and adults. The quality is certainly amazing! There is Naked 1,2, and Naked 3 is the newest one! This is a great palette for any teen girl experienced or not. There are hundreds of videos on Youtube that show the different eye makeup you can do with this palette.

Because when it comes to makeup brushes is all over quality over quantity. This awesome  Sephora Glitter brush set is a great birthday or Christmas gifts for teens. They love brand stores like Sephora  because they know the quality is great. It comes with 6 different brushes: stand brush, blush brush, foundation brush, concealer brush, shadow brush, and lip brush.

Because teen girls love smelling fresh all the time. How about a set of 15 different perfume samples from the best brands out there? She would be surprised with this gift! Not only you give her the opportunity to smell different everyday but can help her find her favorite scent. I was given a similar gift like this when I turned 18 and I loved it!

OPI Mini Nail Lacquer, Bright 2015
Six different nail polish colors and the most popular ones too! Not all teen girls do her nails at the salon and they would surely appreciate it. This set can also be used as a Christmas stock stuffing or as the main gift.

What a candylicious gift for a teen girl! A GUMBALL MACHINE! Now this is a very cool gift she can set in her room for months and even years! I bought this gift for my 13 year old niece and she loved it! Not only because she loves candy but because she can put it in her room as a cool decor.  You can use whatever coins as if was a legit gumball machine or use the free spin choice too. The good thing about this cool machine is that once the candy is gone, she can refill it!

Fannie May® Chocolates Christmas Tree Box
For those teenage girls who love chocolate, she would enjoy this deliciously Christmas chocolate box! Surrounded by teen girls, I can tell you that you certainly cannot go wrong with chocolate! And I love this company that sells chocolate because they make sure the chocolate comes fresh and beautifully. They delivered them to your loved one too!

Golden Hearts Demi Mug, 3 fl oz
Because what teenage girl does not like Starbucks? This cool mug is a nice gift any teen girl that loves Starbucks. She can sip her hot chocolate or Starbucks homemade coffee here. 

Sweet and Memorable Birthday or Christmas gifts for Teen Girls

Product Details
This is a lovely letter pendant necklace to give as a birthday gift for a teen girl. The letter would stand out for her name. It is very lovely and can be a sentimental & unique gift. All the letters are available. 

A cute wire bangle if  she prefers something around her wrist than in her neck. A  cute initial wire bangle to remember that special occasion which can be a birthday or graduation. 

Because what teen does not like nice watches. This is a personal preference gift to give. And this gift would be ideal for a 16+ year old teen. She would adore this watch!

Pajamas is good Christmas gift for a teenage girl for this year 2015. Winter is cold season, your teen would most likely be home watching movies drinking hot chocolate. Now she can stay cozy walking around the whole house or watching movies with this warm one piece pajamas

Alternate Product Image 2
Check out the Christmas tree pajama

Betsey Johnson Be Mine Mini Crossbody Satchel Bag- Bone/Black

Teen girls can have an obsession with bags and purses. They love one for every time they go out. This black and white purse would go with almost any outfit. It is a simple but cute bag. It has a nice black bow along with a heart-shaped lock. You choose Cross-body bag or not.

BESTOPE® High Quality & Brand New Vintage Retro Floral Ladies Canvas Bag /School Bag/Backpack (A-Black)
Backpacks are not only to buy before the school year begins but is cool to start a new semester all fresh. A backpack would not only be useful for her in case of any emergency but can help her get excited to start school after the holidays are over.

Cozy Stuff

95cm Adorable Santa Claus Plush Toy Soft Stuffed Animal Doll Xmas Christmas Birthday Valentine Gift

Cold season is about snuggling time, and for many teens they want someone to snuggle with. If you're a parent I'm sure you prefer this adorable Santa Claus to snuggle with your daughter than a teenage boy! Cozy Santa Claus is 95 cm! 

A sweet candy apple scented candle for Christmas can be perfect for her room. She likes things to smell good and this sweet smelling candle from Bath & Body Works would do. Plus this scent is perfect for winter season and can smell the jolly! 

=Birthday Cake made of  Flowers

This is no real cake. But it is one of the prettiest cakes for a birthday girl. This beautiful flower arrangement would make any person ( including a teen) happy. Imagine her reaction when she sees this unique flower cake, she would feel so special! The flower arrangement cake would arrive fresh, clean, and be personal delivered to the birthday girl! Same day delivery is available as well.

It's Your Day Bouquet® Happy Birthday
What a beautiful bouquet of flowers for her birthday! The colors in this bouquet would sure bright up her day a long with a cool happy birthday balloon. The flowers would be personal delivered the flowers to the birthday girl. Same day delivery is available. 

Outdoor Gifts for Teenagers:

Women's Nike Flex Run 2015 Running Shoe Copa/Blue Lagoon/Black Size 8 M US
For the fit and sporty or not sporty at all- Nike Shoes! I love Nike Shoes and it's not only my preference but many people including teens as well. She's too old for Sketchers now! There are many different colors and styles available and sizes too!

Huffy 26" Ladies Nassau Cruiser - Blue
A beautiful bike like this one is perfect for teens who live in an area where they can bike to school, go to their friend's house and even go for a good exercise. The cute front basket is a little accessory that can be convenient to place stuff that teen cannot carry. 

Does your teenage girl likes skateboarding? Now a days penny boards are very popular about teen girls. It's something in style, fashionable, and cook. Who said girls can't skate? 

2014 Kia Soul Wagon ! Exterior

Is she already 16 and ready to get her drivers license? Or she already has a driving license but no car. A car can be a more expensive gift to teens than the other ones but would sure make her really happy. She would be excited to take her new bad boy for a ride and now she can move more freely to do her stuff. 


Fashion and Accessories

Amazon has thousands of products including limitless fashion clothes and accessories. Sometimes it's tough to shop for clothes for a teen girl since adults cannot know if that teen girl would love it. An gift card is a wise gift to give to a teenage girl. She would be able to purchase what she wants, that way her gift from you to her would be valuable. You choose what amount to put in the gift card. 

Nordstrom Gift Card $50

Now sometimes parents or relatives can find it hard to shop for clothes, shoes, and accessories for teen girls since she might not like or would never use what is bought. But you can't go wrong with a gift card. Nordstrom is a very popular store where teenage girls shop. I have bought Nordstrom gift cards via Amazon for a gift to some people and myself like 3 times. The card gets on time and is easily used with no problems.

Room Decorations:

A cute lava lamp would be ideal for a girl who likes science. If your teen girl is kind of on the girly side and perhaps she likes science, she would love a cool lava lamp like this one. 

More Gifts? 


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