Monday, November 30, 2015

Cute Gift Ideas for Teen Girlfriends

3D Christmas Gift Boxes With Bow - Party Favor & Goody Bags & Paper Goody Bags & Boxes; 12 Pack
It's that wonderful time of the year! When everyone goes out shopping, and you see everyone carefully scanning every isle confused about what to gift their loved ones for Christmas. Well, if you think getting your loved on a gift they love is hard, now imagine your teenage girlfriends. I have arranged this list to help you with cute gifts ideas for your teen girlfriends.  If you like, please feel free to share it.

Victoria's Secret 10 Piece Mist Set Pure Seduction, Love Spell, Amber Romance, Passion Struck & More

A Victoria Secret Body Mist set like this one is a great gift idea for your teen friends. Let’s face it, the majority of teen girls choose body mists over perfumes most of the time. Victoria’s Secret body mist are the most popular among teen girls and this body mist gift set would allow your friend to choose her own scent, heck for every season. 

You can also check out Victoria Secret Body Lotion Gift set 

Ferrero Collection, 18 Count

A box of chocolates is also a good gift idea for your teen friend. Because not everyone gets chocolates for Christmas, believe it or not. If your teen girlfriend loves chocolate, then she would like this gift. This is also a good gift suggestion if you are on budget and seriously do not know what to get her. As long as she loves chocolate, she would love this set. Plus, Ferrero Chocolate are one of the most well liked chocolate for females (I’m a girl). 

FujiFilm Instax Mini 8 with Strap and Batteries (Blue)

A camera is a good gift idea for tweens and teen girls. Your girlfriend does not have to like photography in order for you to get her a camera as a Christmas gift. I love this Fujifilm Camera because it’s inexpensive and a great tool for teens to capture memories with their friends. Simply snap a picture, and you would physically have the picture in less than a minute. A great gift for your friend to take anywhere and capture memories spent with her family and friends. 

Starbucks Stainless Steel Cold Cup - Pink, 16 fl oz
Pink is the new cool. And if you combine it with starbucks coffee its even cooler.  This awesome Starbucks cup might be all your teen friend needs, of course if she’s into Starbucks. I love giving and receiving  cups and mugs as gifts. I have a collection of them! Also, the good thing about giving a cool cup as a gift is that you can stuffed it with other stuff, like a stocking stuffer. You can drop in her favorite candy a long with a mascara or lipstick. It depends on you. 

A Starbucks gift card would go along with it perfectly. 
Vera Bradley Luggage Women's Large Cosmetic Marrakesh Luggage Accessory

A makeup bag is inexpensive but cute gift idea for your teen friend. A girl can never have enough bags, specially makeup bags which are essential. There are many tastes and likes when it comes to bags, That’s why I choose this one. You can always click on the bag to view other designs and colors. 

Life Art Print
When I was 16 years old, I received a similar wall gift like this one only smaller. Believe it or not it helped me through out my late teen years. I can confidently say I read it at least 500 times over and over again. They say teen years are the most difficult years, and I agree. I also think this would be a great gift for any teen girl as it could remind her all about life and keep her positive when she is feeling negative.

Forever 21 Gift Card $25

Sometimes, it is best to give our friends a gift card to their favorite stores when we have no idea what they would like! I have done this multiple times for birthdays and graduations, though I always pair it up with a cute mug. Forever 21 gift cards are one of the most popular ones for Christmas. Now she can spoil herself and choose her gifts as she likes. 

Betsey Johnson "Heaven Sent" Crystal Wing Heart Pearl Pendant Necklace, 17" + 3" extender
If your friend is on the girlier side, then she would like this beautiful necklace.  Most teen girls like to dress fashionably and this necklace would enhance her outfits even more. It is a heart-angel lockednecklace.  I am always careful when I buy jewelry whether if it’s stores or online because I don’t want to get anything cheap or that would quickly break. And this necklace is not only pretty but the quality is great as well coming from Betsey Johnson.

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