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Christmas Stocking Stuffers for Tweens (Pre-teens)

Christmas Stocking Stuffers for Tween Girls

Christmas is just around the corner and just like adults,tweens are so excited. Sometimes it's hard enough to get a tween girl a Christmas gift now getting cool items for their stuffers is another challenge. Tweens like things that are big, bigger than the stocking sock.

Getting a tween girl a stuffer that would fit in the stocking is possible and would be well received when getting her something it would be useful to her. Small items can be more or as much valuable as a giant gift so don't think you necessary need to get her a big gift for her to be happy.
Besides from the gift, I always get excited when I get to open my stocking stuffer, there is thoughtful tiny gifts inside a sock.
Tweens don't only like candy inside there stocking though candy is delicious, they enjoy other items in there as well.
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Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Tweens

There are many gift items that you fit in thestocking sock for your tween.  Try to grab something you know that tween would love. Here are some stocking stuffer ideas.
  • Small hand sanitizers: Usually bath and body works sell these amazing small hand sanitizer bottles with different scents. They have a variety of Christmas sanitizer scents during December and for a very reasonable price. 
  • Chocolate and candy: Candy is also popular for Christmas specially chocolate and candy canes.
  • Lip glosses: A set of lip glosses is a good stocking stuffer. They like Victoria secret lip glosses and Smackers.
  • Hair Accessories: Hair bands, bows, and clips is a good stuffer for preteens. They love accessories.
  • School supplies: Pencils, crayons, planner, and pens. Just because it's December doesn't mean the school year is over. School supplies are needed for them to do good in school.
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The Popular Thing Inside Tweens Purses

EOS Smooth Sphere Lip Balm Strawberry Sorbet (.25 oz 7 g)

Who said lip balms cannot be the trendy thing in school? Yes, tween girls seem to be in love with the eos lip balms. There are the hot thing because the quality of it. EOS ( Organic Smooth sphere) is not a normal lip balm, it creates smoother lips, are available in different flavors, and is a little ball tweens can just toss in there backpacks. Since it's organic it's the perfect way to protect your tweens lips and the same time avoiding dryness.
It is a useful item to add to your tween's stocking.

Housweety Unique Dots Pattern Double Layer Cosmetic Bag Black (a, dots)

At this age girls already have their own mini collection of makeup which mostly are lip balms, lip glosses, mascaras, and brushes.  Having a mini makeup pouch would help them carry their cool cosmetics everywhere they go. They can even throw a small mirror or a coin wallet there.
The cosmetic bag is girly and has two zipper bags for her to organized her stuff. It's a cool gift to for her stocking stuffer.

Soft Solid & Striped Winter Fuzzy Plush Socks - 3 Pairs Set, Diff Colors Avail
Cozy socks are ideal item for a tween's stocking stuffer and inexpensive. Usually during winter to late February is really cold and socks could come in handy during this time. She could wear them with a pair of boots to keep her feet more warm or just to go to bed with. There are many warm socks you could choose from but usually tween girls love colorful cozy socks.
Fuzzy Plush Socks - Amazon

Tweens Love Sweet Scents

Our Moment by One Direction for Women 1.0 oz Eau de Parfum Spray

If your tween girl is a one direction fan then she would be thrilled to get their perfume for Christmas. It is a good gift to throw in her stocking stuffer and surprise her with something related to her favorite band.
SHANY Glamour Girl Makeup Kit - 48 Eyeshadow / 4 Blush /2 Powder

This makeup Kit would be a great stocking stuffer for a pre-teen because it's small and also great for beginners. The kit comes with lots of colorful and neutral colors in order for the teen girl to experiment. She would love the colors! It is a great stocking stuffer and can be a great main Christmas gift as well. 

Lucky You By Lucky Brand For Women. Eau De Toilette Spray 3.4 Oz.

A perfume is also a great Christmas stocking for tweens. At this age, Tweens love to smell very fresh and sweet and this perfume is just is. It is sweet smelling and just great scent for the new year!

Victoria's Secret Bombshells in Bloom Body Mist 75 ml/2.5 fl oz

This is one of the most wanted and popular body mists for tweens and teens because it smells so delicious! It is from Victoria Secret, a brand every girl loves! This scent is light and sweet just perfume for pre-teens that are getting started experimenting with scents. 

OFTEN® Popular Silicone Quartz Men Women Girl Boy Unisex Jelly Wrist Watch Cheap Gift

A nice watch is also a good Christmas stocking stuffer idea for tweens. There are many watches one could choose from. But for a tween it is important to give her a watch that is cute and inexpensive. It would be a great help for her to have a watch, maybe now she can give her phone a break. This watch is available in 12 different colors.

ETIAL Women's Vintage Floral Zip Mini Wallet Short Design Coin Purse Royal Blue

A cute floral wallet would be good fit to a Christmas stocking. It is the perfect size as well as cute. Tweens need wallets to put their money, gift cards, and student id. Make it easier for her with a nice wallet as a stocking stuffer. 

Post-it Cat Figure Pop-up Note Dispenser, 3 inch x 3 inch, (CAT-330)

If you truly want a unique and useful gift for that tween, then a post it pop up dispenser would do it. Tweens are very creative and love all that colorful things.

Maybe this would not be her first journal but it can be the one she records her life from this years to her teen  years.  It is common for any girl to want a diary because we get to express our worries, likes, struggles,  plans, and everything in it. I still have my diary when I was a teenager and though I do not write on it anymore, i still conserve it just as a treasure. This Q&A a day journal has enough paper for her to write for years.

I wished their was a book like this when I was at Middle School, the my experience there would be much better and would save myself from many friendship problems and school struggles too. If you're a parent then you might experience changes in your kid, this can be because he is growing up now. This book can help your tween in surviving middle school the right way even though they already started. The book is from American Girl, so you don't have to worry about bad content.

Women's Heart Shaped Rimless Sunglasses Pink to Blue Gradient Lens Unique Tortoise Arms AS-36

A pair of some cool heartshaped glasses is a very cool stocking Stuffer idea! Maybe she does not live near the beach, but believe me sunglasses are seem cool to tween girls, specially cute ones like this ones. 

Neff Women's Cupcake Beanie Hat, Strawberry, One Size

Take a look at this very cute cupcake beanie! And it's even cuter when worn. I wish I would have gotten this when I was a teen but now could work too.  The beanie is a great stocking stuffer idea for a tween girl, plus it will keep her warm through out the season. Different beanie cupcake colors (flavors) are available.


Nail Polish sets are something teen girls always want. They love painting their nails! This set has all this colors in one set for that tween girl. The good thing about the set is that would fit in the stuffer Now she would give her parents a break from buying nail polish and she can have fun with her friends painting her nails. 

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