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Top 10 Best Curling Wands for Thick Long Hair

Want the Best Curling Wands for your Long Thick Hair?!

If you want the best curling wands for long and thick hair, then I think I can help you. I always struggled finding the right type of curling iron since my hair is pretty thick and long as well. Because of this I have tried various curling irons to find one the suited my frizzy thick hair.  The only good thing about all the struggled i went for finding the right curling wand is that i ended up with a collection of curling wands, some good irons some not so good. 

So why a curling wand? Well, to starts curls have never ran out of style. It's always a trend to have curly hair because it's cute, bouncy, and can show a tiny elegance. The curling irons below are my personal experience with the irons. 

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 Hot Tools Curly Wand Review

Curly Wand By Hot Tools

Gives Beautiful Shiny Curls to Long Hair!

Hot Tools HTBW1852 Curly-Q Tapered Nanoceramic Curling Iron
I love this curly wand by Hot tools not only because it gives shine to my hair, but also because it handles my long hair.  My hair is the type of hair that no matter how long or much I curl my hair, the curls won't stay. This wand gives me tight lasting curls and deals the frizz of my hair as well.Also the controls are out of the way so you don't accidentally turn it off with your hands.  What I also love about this curly wand is that you can do tight curls, loose curls, and lose waves.  It's really easy to use, you won't have problems start using it. If you have thick long hair then this iron would be good for you. One of the reasons why it has to be in the top 10 best curling wands!

Hot Tools Hot Tools Black and White Nano Ceramic 1 inch Tapered Cone Curling Iron 

Remington Tstudio Curling Wand Review

Remington Tstudio Curling Wand

This light pink Remington pearl curling wand would give you the perfect curls for your hair. It works great for any hair type specially thick hair. And had to make it to the top ten of the best curling wands. 
The iron is light and the temperature goes up to 410 degrees. If you never used a curling wand this iron might be a little tricky at first, but practice makes perfect. Get loose waves, curly hair, and different hairstyles with this wand. Take this from a girl who was thick long and frizzy hair. 
Remington CI9538 Large Pearl Ceramic Professional Curling Wand

Babyliss Curly Wand Review

Oh Boy! You are Going to Love this Quality Curling Wand!

BaByliss®PRO Nano Titanium™ Curling Iron
I got this curly wand from my sister's friend on my birthday. I never really bothered to use it until one day, I just got curious to use it, opened the box and began curling my hair. This curly wand is really fast to use, usually it takes me up to 1 hour to curl all my long and thick hair, but with this wand it took me around 40 minutes.  What I also love about this Babyliss curly wand is that my curls actually last the whole day! It is easy to hold, no hassles, and love the color! 
BaByliss®PRO Nano Titanium™ Curling Iron

Awesome Black Curling Wand Set!

Do you love Taylor Swift's hair? Well this curly wand by Herstyler will get you those beautiful curls! I love it because this works great on thick hair. If you have short or long thick hair, this wand will get your tight curls. Also you can do so  many different styles with this wand! One warning though, use the gloves (I burned my had multiple times). The wand is extremely hot (you can control the temperature though).

Hot Tools Pro Curly Wand

For straight Long/Short Hair that Does Not Want to Curl!

I don't use this curly wand for myself. My younger sister loves it  though. She has long straight hair, She's been using this curly wand for 5 months now. I always curl her hair with this wand and I like it because the curls actually stays on her hair. Before she would be using regular curling irons and before you done curling her hair the curls were gone.  This Hot tools wand makes her curly hair stay through out the day. Her hair is really straight, so she needs a tool that would make long lasting curls for the day. 
Hot Tools Professional Htg1851 Tapered Curling Iron

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