Friday, August 8, 2014


Dove Cameron plays the Rooney sisters on Liv&MaddieLiv rooney is one of the COOL twins from the disney channel shows Liv and Maddie. In this webpage i will display liv rooney outfits for the Liv and Maddie show. She is my favorite out of the twins because i connect with her more than Maddie. I am more in the girly side ;) I love maddie as well, but Liv is awesome for her outfits!!!  :D

Some of these outfits are similar to the one Liv wears in the show because the items might be more affordable. :-)

Liv is girly and loves to act and sing. She loves the television! :-) Her style is girly and very fashionable! I been following Liv's style of outfits for a while and decided to do Liv rooney outfit ideas here on my humble blog! :-)

This is something affordable and cute outfit that Liv would wear. :-)  You can wear this cute outfit to school or to go out with your friends. Liv would wear this cute outfit to go out. 
The items can be found here:
Pointed suede flats from forever21
fancy carryall white bag from forever21

This is a very classy outfit Liv rooney wore on the show! I fell in love with the top, so i went to search for a similar one. The original one was from forever21.  The pants are from kitson. 
Black Peplum top from forever21. 
This is another awesome similar Liv rooney yellow top from the Disney channel show!! :-) 
You can find this yellow peplum top at amazon.
Liv rooney has always stood out in the disney channel show because of her cute
outfits. I love this picture of her, and though most of the time Liv Rooney dresses girly; this is 
still a cute top to wear with a pair of jeans!

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