Monday, October 27, 2014

Birthday Flower Bouquets for Teen Girls

Happy Birthday Roses, 12-24 Stems
Thinking of some birthday flower bouquets for teen girls? Flowers are one of the best gifts you can give a girl for her birthday. Specially being delivered to it. There are many flowers to give to the birthday girl- not only red roses and daisies. Take a look at this beautiful flowers. 

Birthday Cake made of  Flowers

What a beautiful flower cake to surprise the birthday girl! I am in love with the style and that teenage girl you want to surprise is going to love it. It is pretty, yet classy.  The colors give is just a nice pastel themed which is funny because "pastel" means cake in Spanish. :P

Fields of Europe™ for Fall Basket

Say bye to dais and roses and say hello to sun and flowers! A beautiful basket of bright sunflowers would absolutely brighten up her birthday! Be her sunshine on her birthday by giving her a beautiful basket of sunflowers.

What a beautiful bouquet of flowers! This is a lovely and any woman would be amazed to get such beautiful flowers like this!  The color of the flowers are so pretty and you can choose fo this to be delivered with the candle or not. 

Do you like this beautiful dog flower basket arrangement? Now your best friend, daughter, niece, sister, etc. can get it delivered to her home or work.  What a great way to say Happy Birthday! The flowers are delicately fresh and beautiful. 

This would be a great birthday bouquet flowers for a girl who is on her late teens. It is a lot more elegant for them and much sophisticated than a normal teen girl would like. It can also be good for center pieces on a party. What do you think? 

Teen girls love flowers and gifts. A plush like this one would be ideal for her birthday. You choose if you want a balloon or the candle added to it. The flowers would be as fresh as in the photo. 

Everybody loves cupcakes! And though this is not an edible cupcake it still cute and would be adored by the birthday girl! It even comes with the cherry on top! What would the birthday girl think of this super cute cupcake arrangement? 

For those girls out there who love getting red roses, they would absolutely love this bouquet. It is absolutely stunning and beautiful. If you're her other half or parents- she would love receiving this beautiful bouquet of red roses. 

Something more differently would be a bouquet of beautiful red and orange tulips with an unique base. This bouquet is different and can symbolize your teenage girl's uniqueness. 


  1. I just loved pastel shades Flower cake which you have shared here. That is so beautiful and chic present for birthdays. Well Now I am searching for bright color Flower Bouquets for my brother birthday present. Can you suggest me which flowers I should send him?

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