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How To Spend Valentine's Day with Your Boyfriend- Teens

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Valentine's Day is a favorite holiday for a lot of romantic teen girls out there. In fact, when I was 15 years old, Valentine's Day was a day to look forward to. What can i say? I am a romantic bird who loves all the love and hearts.
As teen girls, we expect our boyfriend to have the "perfect" plans for Valentine's Day. And men are even more confused on what we want. They might think a simple date or different activity would matter much.  Here are some ideas on spending Valentine's Day with your boyfriend, if you have more ideas- feel free to add it to the comment below. 

Take Him to His Favorite Restaurant

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Sometimes it's not all about doing what the girl wants. Specially if that is always the case. Your boyfriend would appreciate if you take him to his favorite restaurant for Valentine's Day instead of the other way around. For a fact, I know guys love it when the attention is reciprocated. 
Even if the place is not what you like, if your boyfriend likes it is for a reason, maybe there is something special about it and you don't even know.

Go to a Carnival with Your Boyfriend

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Going to a fun place with your boyfriend such as a carnival/ fair is a really fun way to spend with your boyfriend. Perhaps you can look around any fun activities going on locally doing a simple Google search. Your boyfriend and you can ride the Ferris wheel together, win some prizes, eat together. The important thing is to spend quality time and fun. 

Bowling, Show him What He Got!

Are you good at bowling? Then show your boyfriend what you got!

Watch the Stars Together

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If there is a place  where you and your lover can spend a beautiful quiet night under the stars that would be a wonderful Valentine's Day. For many, this might be too cheesy. But there is nothing better than remembering countless memories with your lover than watching the stars.

Watch a Movie Together

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It does not have to be a romantic movie, but one that both of you guys enjoy watching. Many guys say that Valentine's Day is an inequality day because the girl always does what she wants. But I know you good girlfriends out there would make sure your boyfriend has a good time as well. Do you guys have a movie in common? do you guys enjoy horror or action movies? It does not have to be a romantic movie!

Cook for Him!
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Show off your cooking skills for Valentine's Day! You don't need to go on and beyond, but a simple dinner would do it. Having homemade dinner is more satisfying than going any restaurant, plus you two can watch a great movie together after.

Have a Picnic!

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Have a picnic with him! Make some sandwiches, fruit salad, grab a couple of sodas and head out! This would be a nice way to spend Valentine's Day. Doing a picnic, both of you guys would enjoy each other companies.

Something Daring!

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This would be a great fun Valentine's Day doing something like this. You can check your local events for Valentine's Day to see if this is it. Or else you can try another fun activity with your lover such as rock climbing (safe way).

Revive Your First Date

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If you guys have not gone to the place where your first date was, then it's time to revive that place. How about the second date there ? This can actually give your love a boost. This is a thoughtful idea and one that would bring back memories if being dating in a while.

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