Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Cute Wallets for Teen Girls

Wallets are part of every teen girl's purse.  In this page I will manually show all the cute wallets for teen girls I find online. With so many fashionable cute wallets on every store, teen girls wish they could just buy all of them. But also, so many wallets makes it difficult to find the cutest ones.

My favorite stores to look for cute wallets are Forever21, Modcloth, and Amazon.  Of course, other wallets are from different online stores. You can click the image if the links do not direct you to the cute wallet.

Cute Foxy Wallet for Teenage Girls

Keep in mind that these wallets are manually picked by me, so likes and dislikes would be your personal choice. Please feel free to Pin, share, and/or like this post.

TOP Cute Wallets for Teens

Are you a fan of a flying burger people eater? If you are, then you would love this cute wallet. It is so adorable and unique. Rare to find someone with the same cute. You can grab one for you and your best friend to be wallet matching.

The cute sew wallet is one of my favorite wallets while searching for the cutest ones. It has amazing details that make it very pretty. The receiver whether if it's a teenage girl or not would love it even if they don't like sewing. It's cute and chic.

Do you like this pretty bow wallet.  The good thing about this pretty wallet is that you can carry it across your body to free your hands. The golden, black, and pink color give it a unique look. A perfect wallet when going out with your best-friends. 

Like butterflies? Teen girls do not mind butterfly print accessories unless they hate butterflies. This cute butterfly printed wallet  would be a great gift for a teenage girl. Measures 8.3 x 5.5 x 1.6 inches. 

A classy cheap Kate Spade Wallet. Available in different colors. 

Damara Womens Faux Leather Stylish Lovely Owl Wallet Bifold Cute Bag,Blue
Owls is one of my favorite animals even though I cannot personally own one, but collecting owl accessories makes me happy as well. This cute owl wallet  is one of my favorite wallets I've seen around. It is ideal for teen girls,  tweens, and any other owl fan. 

I am in love with the uniqueness and prettiness of this wallet. It has so many cute details that would make your outfit stand out. Your friends are going to be telling you how much thy like it. 

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