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Cute Backpacks for Middle School Girls

Find A Cute Backpack to Start School this Year!

Middleschoolers, are you looking for a cool backpack? Nowadays it is a hassle to find a cute backpack at the stores unless you already know where a cute backpack is hiding. Now a days cute backpacks can be found online. Of course every like varies, what i can consider cute, you might consider it ugly or pretty.  But pretty much here you'll find my personal preference of backpacks for Middle sch

Grab this Pink Canvas Backpack (available in different styles and colors)
You can never go wrong with backpacks, though middle school girls like handbags as well, a backpack can also be cute, funky, and cool to show off. Personally I think backpacks are a better option for middle schoolers because they carry thick books and binders. Backpacks have enough space for tween girls to place all their school supplies in an organized way. Backpacks can also be fashionable backpacks not only handbags, if you want a cute backpack then stick around and can give us feedback in the comment section

Cute Fashionable Backpacks for Middle Schoolers

DGY Womens Peony Pattern Design Korean Fashion Casual Preppy Style Backpack G00133 Black
How cute and funky is this black floral backpack. This backpack is perfect for tweens and teens who like fashion.  Floral themed backpack make this unique and in style.  I love the small details, including the green leaves.  The backpack is good quality and has enough space for tweens to put all their school supplies. Imagine how many compliments she will get from her friends? Black backpacks are also a good option for mothers because if it gets stain or dirty it won't be as noticed much.  Great birthday gift or Christmas gift for this year 2015.

Hot Backpack for this School Year 2015-2016!!

Herschel Supply Co. Dawson, Windsor Wine/Tan, One Size
Fashion and trends are always changing and so are backpacks. This new beautiful plaid backpack fresh out for fall and winter 2015-2016 is a hot one for teens this school year.  If your daughter or the person you were thinking while looking at this page started school already, Christmas is a great opportunity to surprise her with a new backpack. You all know teens love going back to school fresh after winter break.

Cute Canvas Backpacks for Middle School

Cute Polka Dot Canvas for School!

Pretty Backpacks for Tween Girls to Enter Middle School or Even High School!

niceEshop(TM) Cute Polka Dot Rucksack Canvas School Bag Campus Backpack(Blue)
Canvas backpacks are in style this back to school 2013! Tween girls for sure would love a Canva type backpack because the backpacks are comfy and its good enough to carry all her school supplies.  The blue and white polka dot backpack above is just one of the amazing backpacks available here. You can click on the image to see other cute fashionable Canvas backpacks in different colors such as green, orange, purple, red, dark purple, blue (this color), and my very favorite, a white backpack with colorful polka dots giving it a sprinkle fashion look.

Cute Jansport Backpacks for Tween Middle School Girls

Backpacks for Girls in Middle School

Classic Jansport Superbreak Backpack (Purple Night Color Ombre (T50102C))

There is nothing as a better deal than a good durable backpack and stylish backpack all in one. As you know Jansport is one respected brand when it comes to quality. This backpack could last the whole school year of 2015-2016, and can handle those heavy books that middle school girls tend to be given by their teachers. When i was in middle school, teachers would give heavy books the first day of school and would wish if i had a good backpack that i would not be afraid to ripped because of all those books.

Pre-teen girls Donut backpack

Cool Backpacks for 6th , 7th, and 8th Graders

Classic Jansport Superbreak Backpack (Multi Donuts (T50109Y))
When I first stumbleupon this beautiful backpack on the internet, i knew i had to put it out here. I love the brand Jansport because it always delivers great quality and the backpack's designs can be appealing for middle school girls. This Jansport backpack is all about donuts. Because what pre-teen girl does not love donuts? Very trendy, girly, and fun to take to school!

For the Girl Who Does Not Hide Anything.

JanSport Mesh Pack Backpack, Mammoth Blue
For those teen girls who are not afraid to show what they got on their backpack, how about a mesh backpack? I always thought transparent stuff were kinda cool and I see many who like these packs may agree with me. This backpack can also be used for P.E clothes or sports clothes if you stay after school to play a sport. It's light and convenient, it even has an front pocket to put iPod or small things like gum. Measures 14"W x 19"H x 5"D.
Get this Mesh Backpack from Jansport

Sierra Curve Backpacks for Middle School

Fuel Triple Pocket Backpack, Mint Leopard
Sierra Curve is one of the most trusted brands for this funky backpacks. In my opinion, middle schoolers carry more books and supplies than high schoolers. That is why a good backpack with extra space would be very convenient for them. Sierra Curve backpacks has a few cool designs that makes a fat backpack cool. :-) T

Animal Print Backpack
JanSport Backpack Multi Tone SUPERBREAK, SUPER FX, California Bear Various Style! Bag_Style: SHADY GREY SPRINKLED FLORAL
This cute floral gray backpack is an awesome choice as well for a middle school girl.  New backpacks are not only a great gift before starting the school year, but it can be given anytime.. During Christmas, birthday, or any day!

Hitop Geometry Dot Casual Canvas Backpack Bag, Fashion Cute Lightweight Backpacks for Teen Young Girls (Black)

This beautiful black and white polka dot backpack is just gorgeous! It's so classy. I love the fact that is black because now if it happens to get dirty, the dirt won't show as much. It has a front pocket with a cool design as well as the straps. 

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