Saturday, May 17, 2014

Cute School Bags For High School Girls

Last Updated: 5/21/14
A very cute bag perfect for school. Large bags are amazing for high school because you have a lot of space to put your books and other things you want to take to school. Plus big bags are more convenient and are trendy. 

Mossimo Supply Co. Floral Print Hobo Handbag - Ivory

Floral print  bags is one of the most popular trends this 2014. I love this hobo bag, perfect to stay in fashion while your school supplies fitting perfectly. It has side pockets to conveniently place your phone and/or gum. 

Mossimo Supply Co. Tote Handbag with Crossbody Strap - Coral
Coral Bag for high school girls. When I saw this bag, I knew I had to add it here. I like the coral color as well as the brown with it. The coral bag measures 13.25 " H x 3.0 " W x 13.75 " D. 

Amici Accessories Double Strap Canvas Tote (Juniors)
Cute Elephant print bag for school. Amazing quality and space for all your school supplies. Want a unique and affordable school bag? This is it! Adjustable strap for you to style it how you want. 

Sea Water
Bags with soft colors like this bag is always nice to take to school or for a nice day at the beach. The bag measures 18" x 12.5" x 4".  It is a very affordable bag for teens. 

I like this unique light pink bag for high school There are from four different styles you can choose from. I love this one for the clear side pockets. That way you it's easy to find your pens, pencils, and gum. Measures 16" x 15" x 4". 

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