Friday, February 20, 2015

How to Be Popular In School - High School for Girls


Being popular in high school is one of many teen girls dream. Because they want that action that the most popular girl in school is getting or because they are inspired by a certain character such as in High  School Musical movie or another meaning like Mean Girls. True is and you have heard this multiple time, the only way you can be popular is to be yourself. You cannot stand up copying or being as other girls, you need to be unique and that is being yourself. However, you can enhance your popularity by doing this great tips- they only they would work though is to always be yourself.
  1. Join clubs and sports in your school. This is a great way to meet new people or get close to someone who you might never think have something in common. Find a  sport and club that you know it would be interesting. It doesn't have to be cheer or dance team. Finding a club/activity where you meet people will make you popular. I  know dance and cheer are not the only clubs in your school.  PLUS clubs and sports look good in your resume.  
  2.  Look your best. Probably you have heard that the most popular girls in high school are the ones that are more attractive! False! I know you know at least someone that is not a rate 10 but still has a lot of friends. Stay healthy- mind and body, this would reflect on your body trust me. If you have acne, this is a great acne treatment that helped me during my tween years fighting acne and it worked.  
  3. Be nice: You want people to have a good impression and remember you in a positive way. Honestly you do not want people to think say negative things about you whatsoever. You never know if in the future the person you were mean to ends up being your manager/ boss. Trust me, I seen dozens of cases like that. 
  4. Find your own style! Notice I say your OWN style not someone else. Expensive clothes does not really matter and I am not just saying that- it is a LABEL. Instead shop at Forever21, they have a lot of fashionable affordable clothes. 
  5. Remember you don't want to be "known". You want to build friendships. What is the point of people knowing who you are if they do not really know you. 

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