Friday, February 20, 2015

How to Deal with Rumors in High School

Rumors is one of many "problems" that is confronted to preteens and teenagers during middle and high school. Though the rumors in middle and high school are different, rumors are rumors. As a preteen or teenager you probably do not know how to deal with this rumors since they seem are here to stay and in the long run are bothering you.

Drama, Rumors, & Secrets is a book recommended for middle school girls with tips, advice, and quizzes to help you.

It is important if the rumor is messing your reputation to act immediately but the correct way. Trying to stop a rumor when being angry can always make it worse. When you are calm uncover the rumor by standing up for yourself. Show the rumor is false in have evidence. You do not need to show evidence to everyone depending on how much it hurts your reputation and to who.

Do not show how much you care about the rumor going around. If the person or people that started the rumor see how much it bothers you, they would certainly create more because they know its your soft spot. Do not show much importance to rumors. Rumors are false accusations. 

If you cannot do anything to stop the rumor, then don't bother. Trust me, middle and high school rumors come and go. Tomorrow they would be talking about someone else. 

If the rumor is really hurting and defaming you- seek a adult to help you cope with it. 

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